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The PURPOSE of this website is to provide a communication link between art teachers and prospective clients world wide.  ArtTeachers.org has been created to provide a locator service to facilitate the introduction between ourselves and prospective students, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and potential purchasers of art. 

Our History

     The Art Teachers.Org is an independent group of teachers that has evolved from many backgrounds and experiences. Our members encompass a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge of art materials, unparalleled in the art industry today. We specialize in all mediums and various styles of art. We have many techniques and tools that enable us to share our knowledge with others.  

Organizational roots were established in the 1970's. The Magic Art Company of Bellflower, California was the home base of a revised way of applying a specially developed oil paint which Bill Alexander introduced to the world on Public Television. This wet-n-wet method of painting plus an excellent series of instructional TV videos won Bill an "Emmy".....the only one ever awarded in the field of art!  Recognizing the need for a team of experienced teachers, the company launched a teacher-training and certification program developed by Lea Myles and Este Rayle.
        In the mid 1980's, Magic Art and its instructors merged with Alexander Art of Salem, Oregon, and their instructors.  Master Artists Bill Alexander, Lowell Speers, Buck Paulson and Robert Warren were role models for the group. Art on Public Television was the catalyst that boosted the careers of our growing membership. 

     Brenda Harris made her debut on national television in 1986 demonstrating a fun and easy method of painting with Acrylics.  She and her loyal followers joined our group in the early 90's, expanding our horizons to include acrylics. 
     TV Art grew in popularity. Viewers realized they could paint. The resulting demand for more instructors thus increased our numbers.  Due to a constantly changing art and craft industry, the teachers united to meet the needs of aspiring painters. They also developed more programs to meet their own desires to be better instructors and artists. In taking charge of their destiny, a teacher organization was formed, (now known as Art Teachers TEAM).  
     In the mid 1990's, while affiliated with Koh-I-Noor/Grumbacher, we welcomed nationally known artists Claudia Nice and Jerry Yarnell and their followers to our TEAM.  In 1999, we joined ColArt Americas and continued to grow in experience and strength and embraced the opportunity to expand our focus and glean working knowledge of all art mediums, including water miscible oils, pastels, watercolor, and pen and ink.   

     In recent years, many excellent teachers, masters in their own specific fields, have joined with us; broadening our horizons and contributing greater diversity to our abilities.  We have also become "international" welcoming teachers from Canada, Australia and India.

     In taking charge of our destiny, and to facilitate the constantly changing art and craft industry, hundreds of art teachers have joined together to build ArtTeachers.org.  We will continue to meet the needs of aspiring painters. We continue to develop programs to meet the changing needs of the art and craft industry and to fulfill our own desire to be better instructors and artists

Join Us

All are invited to join us. You do not have to be a teacher, artist or have love of art. We will teach you as long as you have a willingness to Learn. Please take a few miniuts to browse our site to see who we are and what we do for fun.

Application will take you to our application pages so that you may join in the fun of art.


Active Teachers of TEAM receive a free webpage on our site for all to see and be able to contact you for classes.

With membership, packets are available to learn or teach .

Looking forward to seeing more of you and your Art


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