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Paul French

1248 Highmont Drive
Ferguson, MO 63135


Email: pnmfrench@aol.com

Website: www.frenchartworks.com


About the Artist

Paul L. French, a self-taught artist specializing in the painting of landscapes, seascapes, and other scenes inspired by his travel.  Upon his retirement from the U.S. Government in 1985, he began painting full time, a life-long dream.  Mr. French has art patrons throughout the United States and Europe who admire his work.  Mr. French has won several awards for his art from his peers in juried shows throughout the Midwest.  Paul French has appeared on cable television and has given numerous demonstrations to encourage others to experience the joy he feels when painting.  By following Paul’s techniques, anyone can become a successful artist.  Paul’s approach to teaching is basic and enjoyable.  Through his classes and videos, he has made a point of passing his love of art to his students.  Paul believes that if you have the desire, you can be an artist!  All you need are lessons on how to use the tools and basic techniques.


Professional Services Offered
  • Teaches beginner through advanced levels
  • Teaches in oil, acrylic and drawing
  • Teaches private lessons and workshops

Also Offering

  • Original works of art for sale
  • Commissioned paintings and portraits
  • Instructional DVD's

Fall Bouquet


Monochromatic Cabin


Washington Rainforest
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