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Este Rayle

4903 Liberty Road
Greensboro, NC  27406

Email:  este@esterayle.com

Website:  www.EsteRayle.com


About the Artist

In an art career, spanning more than forty-five years, Este Rayle has excelled in nearly every aspect of the art world. Although accomplished in virtually every medium, today, Este works primarily in oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor.

Beginning as a teenage fashion designer and layout artist of elegant women's apparel, to developing her own unique style of fine art and operating her own art teaching studio, to corporate art consultant, Este has mastered it all. 

Through the years, Este has exhibited her work in prestigious galleries, and shows, winning many awards for her excellent work.  In addition to being an accomplished painter of land and seascapes, Este has developed an extraordinary skill and technique by which she combines realistic imagery with a painterly background to render a portrait that is as individual as the subject.  She is truly a masterful portrait painter and is a charter member of the American Society of Portrait Artists. 

Estes’ skills and talents go far beyond her canvases.   She possesses an outstanding ability to communicate and cultivate talents in others. Long ago, the art industry recognized her uncanny ability to teach other instructors how to conduct their own classes successfully.   Because of this talent, she has been selected to design and conduct Certified Instructors Programs for several companies and organizations.  Some of these notable companies are Magic Art Company, Alexander Art, Koh-I-Noor, Grumbacher, and Col Art Americas. Because of her vast knowledge and experience, these and other companies also employ Este to do product testing and trade demonstrations.

Este has unlimited energy, an unbridled love for art and an insatiable desire to help others achieve their artistic goals. She is truly multi talented and is revered as the teacher's teacher.   


Professional Services Offered
  • Teacher/Instructor - all levels
  • Demonstrator of manufacturer products and painting techniques
  • Lecturer - Technical information / Techniques / Art Appreciation
  • Coordinator- Trade shows, Conferences & Seminars
  • Gallery Shows / Private showings
  • Jurist / Multiple certifications

Also Offering

  • Original Works of Art available
  • Commissions - Portraits - Pet Portraits - Landscape - Seascape
  • Painting Packets - written "How To" complete a single painting


"Colorado Mine "

" Purple Gallinule"

"Portrait of Bill"

"Storm At Sea"
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