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  Most of us are teaching and/or selling our art.  We don't have a web page on this site.  We may have a site elsewhere (our name would  be a blue link).  We may be focusing on other endeavors, taking a break or not taking new students.  This page changes quickly. Check back often.  



State Name
CA Read, Ruth
California Craytor, Linda
Connecticut Christimas, Leo
Connecticut Johnson-Smiles, Kim
Connecticut Krampitz, Ann M
Connecticut Walker, Lynn
Connecticut Weber, Carol
Delaware Dean, Robin
Florida Duffy, Virginia
Florida Foreman, Diane
Florida Harris Cark, Marjorie
Florida Nicewicz, Judy
Maine Banks, Beverly
Maryland Gregory, Barbara
Massachusetts Baker, Maureen
New York Bickford, Wilson
New York Davenport, Julie
Ohio Dangel, Georgia
Ohio Reusser, Yvonne
West Virginia Brooks, Sulayne
West Virginia Steele, Mandy
Wisconsin Giese, Kathleen


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