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Great Lakes Region

State Listing of Artists

Actively teaching artists available for instructions and art work;


may be available for demonstrations of product or tools

(click here for Alphabetical Listing)


Teachers With Webpage (click blue link)
State Name Mediums
California Earle, Carol Oil, Watercolor
Florida Harris, Brenda Oil, Acrylic
Florida Stegman, Gloria Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen & Ink
Indiana Adam, Doni Oil, Acrylic
Indiana Darflinger, Joan Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel
Indiana Polomchak, Mark Watercolors
Missouri Dent, Dorothy Oil, Acrylic
Missouri French, Paul Oil, Acrylic, Drawing
New York Wells, Donna Oil, Watercolor, Pen & Ink
North Carolina Rayle, Este Oil, Acrylic, Watercolors, Pastels
Ohio Hoffman, Carol Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Drawing
Ohio Schwartz, Verna Oil, Acrylic
Ohio Warren, Robert Oil
Ohio Widdows, Jan Oil
Texas Vandeventer, Carolyn Oil
Virginia Nees, Deborah Oil, Watercolor
West Virginia Gorrell Kitty Oil, Acrylic
Teachers Without Webpage
State Name
Ohio Dangel, Georgia
Ohio Reusser, Yvonne
West Virginia Brooks, Sulayne
West Virginia Steele, Mandy
Wisconsin Giese, Kathleen
Member Artists
State Name
Kansas Shaw, Neva
Maryland Clark, Nancy
Maryland Rechley, Lou Ann
Ohio Hill, Barbara
Ohio Kessier, Norma
Ohio Moore, Mary
Ohio Moose, Marlene
Ohio Newsome, Susan
Ohio Owens, Cynthia
Ohio Sofia, Saundra
Ohio Van Curen, Nancy
Ohio VanDyke, Linda
Ohio Wittes, Amella
Pennsylvania Harkleroad, Diane
Pennsylvania Horst, Carol
Pennsylvania Porterfield, Danny
Pennsylvania Slagle, Carol
Pennsylvania Tedrick, Doreen
Pennsylvania Warnick, Pat
South Carolina Stephenson, Mary
Tennessee Anders, Brenda
West Virginia Barker, Diane
West Virginia Carpenter, Jerry
West Virginia Coen, Carolyn
West Virginia Frye, Connie
West Virginia Glasscock, Nancy
West Virginia Grattan, Ailene
West Virginia Haught, Joanne
West Virginia Jameson, Sheryl
West Virginia Klein, Laurel
West Virginia Lauck, Mary
West Virginia Menefee, Carol
West Virginia Miracle, Vickie
West Virginia Satterfield, Anna
West Virginia Schneider, Joan
West Virginia Virden, Lyda
West Virginia Weekly, Carol
Wisconsin Cody, Elizabeth



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